Saturday, December 16, 2006

Esquire Magazine - January 2007

I'm quoted in the "Meaning of Life" issue of Esquire (January 2007) which hit the newsstands yesterday. In every issue, Esquire invites celebrities to share "what I've learned".

In the annual "Meaning of Life" issue, they invite readers to share their thoughts.I sent in a whole bunch of material several months ago. They emailed last month to say that they'd chosen one of my quotes to print. Great - except that I couldn't remember what it was that I'd written. It could easily have been something really embarrassing...Anyhow, the issue is out. There's my bit of wisdom, printed on page 95.

"The pretty girl you just held the door open for? Go back and introduce yourself. That's how I met my wife. Best thing I ever did."

I bought 5 copies.


At 2:43 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Steve, you're following me. I was reading Esquire and I saw your name and now I read the Star today and I saw your name again.

I remembered your name because you have the same name to a previous boss of mine.

Check out our popular Toronto website about the film industry This should be right up your alley!!

Matthew Toffolo


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